D5.1 - Radiation degradation modelling

Brief description of functionality/utility:

It is essential for robotic sensors and cameras to be reliable in the information they transmit from environments affected by radiation. It is also important for human operators to know when a sensor is failing, and how to compensate for degradation when it happens.

For this project, the Essex team tested a range of highly available sensors. They measured and modelled the effects of radiation on sensors and systems for neutron and gamma radiation. Radiation effects were measured and modelled for:

  • Robots and off-the-shelf sensors (e.g. cameras)
  • Novel sensor technologies
  • General purpose embedded systems
  • Robot and sensor communications
  • Specialised system-on-chip units

In addition, the team built machine-learning models to predict how long a sensor/robot/processor would last. They also identified the critical point for system failure. Their noise/degradation models can be fed to high-level perception algorithms.