D5.1 - Radiation degradation modelling

D1.1 - Autonomous vision-guided grasping using any arm/gripper combination

D1.2 - Semi-autonomous robotic cutting

D1.3 - Advanced computer vision for characterisation, scene and object understanding:

D2 - University of the west of England

D2.1 - Variable Autonomy control for mirrored teleoperation

D2.2 - Mixed-reality stereo vision camera interface

D4.1 - The NCNR-Toshiba project for reliable remote robotics control protocols

D3 - Lincoln

D3.1 - Outdoors mobile manipulation demonstrator

D3.2 - Force-guided teleoperation

D3.3 - Radiation mapping

D5 - Essex

D5.2 - Radiation-Resilient Embedded Design

D6 - Lancaster University

D6.1 - Resilient navigation and adaptive control of underactuated robots:

D6.2 - An integrated design procedure and high-performance robust control algorithm for robotic manipulators with

D7 - Queen Mary University London

D7.1 - Access to inaccessible spaces through narrow openings

D7.2 - Inflatable fabric-based robot grasping devices

D8 - Bristol University

D8.2 – Robot-deployed radiation mapping

D9 - University: University of Edinburgh

D9.1 - Robust high-transparency haptic exploration for dexterous telemanipulation

D8.1 – ’suitcase’ multi-sensor inspection system.

D1 - University of Birmingham