University of Edinburgh

The Edinburgh Centre for Robotics is leading in the UK effort to realise its industrial potential in this revolution, by producing a new generation of highly skilled researchers, trained to take a central role through technical skill coupled to industry and market awareness

D9 - University: University of Edinburgh

Mistry Group

Lead Investigator: Professor Michael Mistry

Focus (or foci) of the group for NCNR:

The University of Edinburgh is leading the way in systems designed to control walking robots. The challenge is to create robot legs that can autonomously adapt to surfaces that are neither straight nor flat (for instance, bumpy paths and entrances to contaminated areas) in unknown environments. As part of this work, the group has designed legs that are able to interact with, and change, their environment (for instance, by performing manipulation tasks). They have also developed tactile leg sensors that can build maps to deepen human understanding of a robot’s extreme environment.

The team’s systems have been tested with information delays of up to 1 second and a communication bandwidth as low as 10Hz. The system’s teleoperation architecture allows two human operators to cooperate virtually. This is possible thanks to the system’s ability to switch online between admittance and impedance behaviours.


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